things about car shipping

If you intend to transport your vehicle with an auto transporting company, ensure you insure your vehicle from any damages or against accidents. Whenever you load your car on the transporting truck for delivery, policies of the company may not provide protection in case of damages. Moreover, some auto transporters will include a waiver when signing your contract hence navigating the responsibility for any damages in the process of transportation. It is a disable to double check and read through the rules of a company before signing. The insurance is very crucial so you should choose a company that has an insurance cover, read it  and sign. These are important things that you should know about auto transportation insurance so that you can get one without hassles.


Ask for a proof of insurance

It is a law that all auto transportation companies should carry a certificate and present it where necessary. You should ask about their policies and find out if they will cover for any damages in the process of shipping. If you have covered the whole car, it is safer, but if you have covered for some parts, you will pay a certain amount in case damages occur.
Get everything in writing
Before making an agreement with the company, you should first get the agreement in writing. It will protect you in a situation where something in future will happen. If the company is providing a service that is not in their agreement, you should write down. here is a recommendation – to a good for a transportation company
Check with your insurance company
Depending on the policy you have signed with your insurance company, it can cover for the vehicle you are transporting. You should not be very sure about that; you should first check out. If the insurance cannot cover for the car, you should get insurance for the vehicle.